The Lansing Spartan Youth Organization is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to giving back to the youth.

With your generosity, help through volunteering, and our incredible sponsors, we can offer more physical activity based and self esteem building programs. We offer low / no cost youth fitness for various age levels through basic fitness and boxing.

Where your donations go!

With the help of your donations,
and the generosity of our amazing sponsors,
our mission is to:
expand and improve our faculties;
purchase much-needed fitness equipment;
acquire sponsorship;
provide educational tutoring;
and keeping the youth drug free.

World Boxing Council Awarded

Heroes for Humanity
LSYO’s founder, Kolmarge Harris.
Inspired by boxers who through their
kindness, humility, bravery and resolute determination,
are striving to overcome this terrible blow,
get up from a grievous knockdown,
and help communities regain their feet,
equilibrium  and their confidence,
throughout the duration of this appalling  crises.
We will fight the twelve rounds to victory!

2024 Fundraising Progress

Box-a-thon Youth Silent Auction $25,000 dollars
Fitness Equipment Update $25,000 dollars
Building Fund to Re-Open $85,000 dollars