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Lansing Spartans Youth Organization services benefit children from age 5 through high school throughout the greater Lansing area. Although programs for adults will also be available, our services appeal to those who are striving to improve their lives with opportunity for them to utilize athletic and educational resources. We define our market as athletes and other youth who do not currently have opportunities to participate in athletics through boxing or academic assistance in Lansing’s community.

The Lansing Spartans Youth Organization has evaluated its target market and projects that the geographic area will benefit from its services. For example: Lansing’s South-side population of 66,825 residents currently has one facility, but does not offer athletic development.

Milestones of Lansing Spartans Youth Organization

–Open facility by July 1st

–Fundraising (3-4 fundraisers)

–Marketing/ Branding

–Employment / Volunteers

–Hours of Operation – Summer Hours & Academic Calendar hours

–Establish Sports Camps

–More sponsorship

–Actively pursue grants (5-10)

–Accurate Projections

–Establish solid tutoring program

How You Can Help Us

You can donate to us here: