Our Mission

Community to Support LSYO,s Mission

The Lansing Spartans Youth Organization consists of a team of dedicated people that wish to give back to their community by joining the fight against childhood obesity & bullying. THE LSYO looks forward to working in conjunction with the World Boxing Organization’s “Kids Drug Free” program to help the youth of our community reject drugs and STAY IN SCHOOL.

LSYO has numerous projects planned in 2021/22, but the LSYO does have the following needs:
Building Remodel Building Additional gym equipment
Assistance with our TLS healthy food choice programs

Our Vision

With your help, we will expand and improve our faculties; purchase new fitness equipment; additional fitness/sports programs; provide additional support and counseling/mentor programs for families; educational tutoring; and keeping the youth drug free


About the Founder & CEO, Kolmarge Harris

Kolmarge T. Harris was born and raised on the rough, inner city streets of Chicago, Illinois. His passion for the sport of boxing began when his father, Ralph Harris [1953-1995] took him to The Windy City Boxing Club to keep him out of trouble at age 7. He fought amateur boxing for 16 years. At age 25, Kormarge began his Pro-boxing career, adding his MMA license in ’09. In 2009, Kormarge teamed up with a friend and started the Lansing Wolverines Youth Sports LLC and formed basketball and football programs for underprivileged kids in his community.

As teams moved on, Kolmarge got a new vision. Seeing young members of his family struggle with weight issues, he decided he could use his athletic background to help them. He began training his young cousins, nieces and nephews at The East Side Boxing Club, garage converted into a small boxing gym at his coach/trainer Tommy Washington’s home. Since then he has helped several young community members with their fight with childhood obesity, and would like to help many more.

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