Our Mission 

To make available to children and adolescents in the Greater Lansing Area low/no cost fitness programs that motivate, educate, and instill a life changing, life long bond with physical fitness, helping those who struggle with weight issues (obesity) and aggressive behaviors. (Anti-Bullying)

Up Coming Classes

Gier Community Center

2400 Hall St. Lansing Mi 48906

2/8 – 3/22 Thurs. 6-8 pm (Youth & Adults)

2/10 – 3/24 Sat. 9 – 11 am (Youth & Adults)

$45 for six weeks ~ Walk-in Fee $5 per class

Lose weight, control anger, increase self-esteem. Trainer Kolmarge Harris, Lansing Spartans Youth Organization, is committed to helping his community fight obesity. Through his fitness training program, Kolmarge wants to motivate you to work out regularly and put you on the path to a healthier lifestyle.

Please contact Kolmarge at 517-402-6553 for more information or to register.

About Us

The Lansing Spartan Youth Organization is a non-profit organization of dedicated individuals, lead by Kolmarge Harris, That are giving back to our community by joining the fight against the American plague of childhood obesity, as well as those who struggle with Oppositional Defiant/ aggressive behaviors. (Anti-bullying) We offer low / now cost youth fitness club that match various age/fitness levels. Currently we offer basic fitness and boxing programs that have a positive effect on the participants. With your help, we hope to offer more physical activity based and self esteem/team building programs, such as basketball, football and t-ball clubs, reaching more children in our community.

Services Provided

Athletic Training Services

-Boxing Training
-Weight Training
-Football/ Basketball Training
-Speed development
-Agility development

Academic Support Services

-Creative Writing
-Computer Skills
-Neurological Impress Methods

Additional Services

-Bullying Awareness
-Obesity/Weight-Loss Support
-Drug Awareness
-Athletic Recruitment Assistance
-Healthy Snacks
-Drug Free Environment

And More…

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